Homemade Baby Food: It Starts with the Sweet Potato

You know all the reasons you should be making your own baby food for your babies–knowing where the food came from, avoiding sugars and salts, saving money. As a mother of multiples, it will only take one feeding to realize how impractical the tiny, glass jars are for more than one baby. Making homemade baby food is so easy that there’s really no reason to spend the money on store bought baby food. Of course, back in the day, when I told my husband I thought I should be making my own baby food, he had a proactive panic attic, in anticipation of the meltdowns he predicted I would be having as I undertook one more chore–a chore that really didn’t need to be done.

Enter the sweet potato. And behind him, enter his crazy cousin, the yam.

While commiserating with coworker-mom one day about the price of baby food, but the lack of time to make homemade baby food, coworker-mom said, “Start with a sweet potato. There’s nothing easier than boiling a sweet potato. That’s all there is to it.” So I did. After a bit of experimentation, here’s the recipe.

Rinse off the sweet potato and use a potato peeler to shave off the tough outer skin. Cut into slices and boil until soft. Puree in a blender or food processor along with a small amount of water, apple juice or orange juice until smooth. Use within the next day or two, or freeze in an ice cube tray. When frozen, remove cubes and put in freezer bag, using 1-2 cubes as needed.

This can be about feeding babies healthy food, about saving money, or about having on hand large enough quantities to feed lots of babies during a busy week. Whatever it’s about, it’s easy and it starts with the sweet potato.

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