How it Began

I grew up in rural Ohio next to a dairy farm, an elementary school, a cemetery and community of Amish. For over twenty years, I woke up to the early morning sound of horse and buggy taking Amish men off to a construction job or Amish women out to sell homemade pies. An hour later, it was followed by the loud, shifting gears of a school bus leaving the garage to start its route picking up children at the end of long lanes surrounded by cornfields.

Now I live in the Bay Area, right around the corner from Napa Valley, and these days, I’m known as the “triplet mom.” My favorite thing about parenting is sharing with my children the things that shaped my life. Those things are music, books, writing, cooking (especially with fruits and vegetables), gardening and these days, running.*

My parenting style is more Midwest than Wine Country, (the kids have chores! bedtimes! savings accounts!), more grumpy than gratuitous, (I like to point out that some questions are bad, and it’s a great thing to avoid asking really dumb questions), and probably more selfish than a mom is supposed to be (no, you can’t eat the blueberries—they’re mine).

The kids understand this, and they still seem to love me. One of my favorite homemade Mother’s Day cards summed it up: “To Mom, Thanks for the Being the Best Mom You’re Capable Of.”

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your taking the time to visit the site.

*A dilettante at all, an expert at none.

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